The very best soccer hooligan films

The BEST soccer hooligan films ever made

Soccer hooliganism is real

At Euro 2016 we seen fans of many European nations fighting in and outside of stadiums. There's potential for that to happen again in Russia. Russian football fans were said to be the antagonists in France that summer.

These soccer hooligan films aren't anything like the scenes we witnessed throughout the Euro 2016 campaign. Though they will fill your football fighting cravings.

The Soccer Hooligan genre seems to be a hard genre to nail. There's many different hooligan films released but very few hit the spot. Why? I don't know.

Without further ado, here are the best soccer hooligan films you'll ever find.

I.D (1995)

I.D is a soccer hooligan film from a different perspective. It's full of well known british actors as it's made by the BBC.

Four undercover "straight by the book" policemen are tasked to infiltrate a firm. All seems well in the beginning, every officer is determined to make this task a success.

The life of a football lad proves irresistible to many. John is no different. He slowly becomes infatuated with the matchday experience and is slowly becoming one of the yobs.

Watch I.D and follow Johns journey. Will he see the light? Or head to a point of no return?

The Football Factory (2004)

Anyone who is into soccer films will have heard of "The Football Factory". Many hold it as the best soccer hooligan film out there.
Made in 2004, The Football Factory puts you in the heart of the action. The film focuses on the high adrenaline soccer violence that goes on between many London clubs.
The film follows die-hard Chelsea fan & full time hooligan Tommy (Cockney Hard Man Danny Dyer), who lives the stereo typical hard man soccer life.
With endless bar fights, drinking and womanising it's no wonder why Tommy's girlfriend and family want him to leave the firm behind. The Football Factory does a great job at showing just how hard it is to do that though. The adventurous life and sense of belonging that soccer firms can provide is too strong for some.

Green Street (2005)

Another must see. Like the Football Factory, if you speak to any soccer fan chances are they've already seen it. Many Americans have already heard of this film as it stars Elijah Wood & Charlie Hunnam.
Green Street follows around Elijah Wood while he integrates into Fictional West Ham Firm (GSE).
Thanks to bad influences you'll see him turn from an innocent looking guy into one of the lads. Green Street captures the match day experience well. Providing action packed fights on back streets and playing fields.
Soccer fans agree that Green Street and The Football Factory are up their as the best hooligan films. There's been many arguments about which of them is better. My preference is Green Street.
One things for sure. If you watch this film, prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.

The Firm (2009)

The director of the Firm is also the man who directed "The Football Factory". The Firm (2009) is also a remake of the original 1989 version.
Bex is the leader of the Infamous West Ham Firm, While Dom is your standard teenager, hanging out with his friends and occasionally going to the clubs. On a night out dom's friend headbutts Bex and Bex is looking for revenge.
Dom hunts bex down at his local bar and apologises for his friend. It took a lot of courage, Bex notices this and invites him to join his soccer team.
From there on Dom finds himself getting deeper and deeper into firm life.
There's a lot of Soccer fighting & surprise attacks in this film, weapons included. If you're a fan of the original I would definitely watch this film.

Cass (2008)

Cass is an orphaned Jamaican who was adopted by an elderly white couple in an all white area of London. Despite being raised by elderly white adoptive parents, he still grew to be the most feared man in London.
This is because he was subject to racial abuse every day. Cass lived in a time where political correctness didn't exist. He found respect in fighting and had become addicted to the buzz.
His actions eventually catch up with him when someone makes an assassination attempt on his life. Somehow he managed to stay alive but had a decision to make. To leave it be? Or seek revenge?
There's a lot more to this film than flat out football thuggery. It's a very enjoyable watch.

Away Days (2008)

Finally a film that doesn't focus on London derbies. Away Days focuses on scouse lad "Carty".

Carty's mum dies and he starts to go off the rails. He becomes obsessed with "The Pack" a stylish football firm with great hair & dress sense. 

He tries his best to become one of them, buying everything they wear however he's always one step behind. Eventually he joins forces with the pack and starts on an adventure filled with drugs, sex, soccer & violent awaydays.

A great watch that focuses on something other than West Ham, Millwall, Chelsea...

The Hooligan Factory (2014)

This film is something else. It brings a lot of the cast from Green Street and even a few from Football Factory together. No, not to create the ultimate adrenaline filled soccer fighting film, rather a comedy.

We follow Danny a kid who wants to live up to his dads legendary status. With the goal of eventually rising to top boy status.

Meanwhile legendary football hooligan Dex is getting released from Showershank prison.

Dex & Danny eventually cross paths and embark on a journey to re-establish the firms glory days.

While it's not the most action packed film, it's definitely a refreshing take on soccer hooligan films.

Lets be avin' you

These are my favourite soccer hooligan films but I may have missed some. If you've got suggestions that I missed out, let me know in the comments below.

Also if you watched any of the above films let me know what you thought.

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