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The best size 3 soccer ball (Buy your kids the best)

Buying a size 3 soccer ball at your local sporting store may be an issue. There's a lot of shops that will not even stock size 3 balls. This is ridiculous and may stop younger players from being able to play the game we all love.
Thankfully my town has a huge sporting store that stocks various different niche items so a size 3 soccer ball is not a rare item. Unfortunately smaller towns without chain stores may not have stores that stock these balls.
It's not because they don't want to, it's that there's a lack of demand for size 3 balls. More often than not younger players will only play and train while at football practice. They're not really old enough to go to the park alone and kick around with their friends. Because of this they'll either stock very few balls and rarely restock them OR they don't stock them at all.
Thankfully online stores such as & Amazon offer a huge variety of balls in many different sizes. Depending where you're located you may even be able to get the ball in the post next day, which is almost as quick as going to the store yourself.
By reading this guide you'll find out which size 3 soccer balls are the best to buy for your children. Who knows, they may even help your child become the next Messi or Ronaldo.

Why buy size 3 balls and who to buy them for?

Size 3 balls are made for children 8 years and under. A proper size 5 ball is often too heavy for young children and may cause unnecessary pain & damage to the childs joints.

It's best to play it safe and buy a size 3 ball which
is recommended for junior players.

Some teenagers & adults will look to use them as a training ball trying to improve close control and overall technical ability. I don't believe this carries over well to a proper size 5 ball, some will argue otherwise though. It's not something that I have heavily researched despite it being an interesting debate.

The best size 3 soccer balls; Recommended List

Buy these balls to guarantee a smile on your childs face.

Ball name & BrandRecommendationWhere to buy
PUMA Powercamp Soccer BallMy Recommended Purchase
Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer BallSpecialist Purchase
adidas Telstar 18 World Cup Top Glider Soccer BallBest Size 3 Replica BallRead More on
Select Lazio Training Soccer BallBest budget buy
adidas Finale Kiev Capitano Soccer Ball
adidas Messi Glider Soccer Ball

Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Ball - 25% lighter

A lot of the balls you see on this article are adaptations of a size 5 ball. The Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Ball is specifically made with children in mind.
This size 3 soccer ball isn't like the others on this list. Not only is it size 3, it's also 25% lighter than the standard size 3 soccer ball. It encourages kids with longer kicks, and is overall a lot easier to play with for smaller children.
While 8 year olds probably don't need to play with this ball, as they should be strong enough for any regular size 3, it's a great choice for kids that are 6 or younger. If you know a child is struggling with the weight of a normal size 3 ball, give this ball a shot.
Spalding are a well known company when it comes to basketball. In-fact they make the official match balls that are used in the NBA & WNBA. They can definitely be trusted and the quality of ball is great. It will last many intense junior soccer games.


adidas Telstar 18 World Cup Top Glider Soccer Ball

Who doesn't love the world cup? Children under 8 years old may have only seen 1 world cup in their time but I'm pretty sure they love it too.

For some it may even be their first. In that case definitely get them their first world cup ball and make it one to remember.

As this is the cheapest version of the world cup ball it's not the most feature rich ball in the world. It's your standard 32 panel adidas training ball with the 2018 Russia World Cup Design.

If you want to get the ball cheaper than the standard black & white replica you can opt for the Gold & White version or the Winter Edition

Overall it's a great choice, will survive junior soccer with 0 issue & it's the beginning of your childs world cup ball collection. Looking back, I wish I had all the World Cup balls since I was born in a collection.

Probably best you don't get your child too hooked on the world cup if you're Scottish like myself...


PUMA Powercamp Soccer Ball

Puma is an incredibly underrated company when it comes to manufacturing soccer balls. I'm not a fan of their club shirts as they're often small and cheap material but I'll vouch for their soccer balls. Especially this one it's a quality ball with a sleek, minimalist design.
The powercamp ball is often used by many soccer academies. It's also stamped by the National Federation Of State High School Associations. Obviously it's normally the size 5 version that is used however the size 3 is just as good.
Most size 3 balls are fairly run of the mill and share the same features but Puma have added a custom air lock valve to their bladder to increase air retention. While i'd avoid kicking the ball off of any hard surfaces to avoid scratching, your child will outgrow this ball before it breaks.


adidas Finale Kiev Capitano Soccer Ball

Another adidas ball. It's only right as they're one of the most popular manufacturers of soccer balls in the market. They also offer consistent quality and the fact they manufacture for almost every major competition it's hard to avoid them.

The Uefa Champions league ball is always a clean design. The 17/18 ball is no different. You are able to get this ball in various different colours though. The base colour is always white with the stars changing on each ball.

While your child may not be aware of the prestigious competition just yet, it's still a great ball with a sleek minimalist design. Despite the fact that the Champions League ball changes annually, it still keeps the star design which means the ball never looks too outdated.


adidas Messi Glider Soccer Ball

Every kid had an idol growing up, some will be club icons, others international icons. Most children in 2018 aspire to be like 1 player, Lionel Messi. Ronaldo or Messi is a very controversial topic, every child will appreciate a Messi ball, Unless they're a huge Ronaldo fanboy.
It's modern looking with Messi and his logo written on the ball. The blue and black colours may make it difficult to play in the dark, though given the age group, playing in the dark may be somewhat unlikely. It also shares the same panel style as the Russia 2018 World Cup Top Glider, the only difference is the graphic design.

Adidas offer dependable balls. They're machine stitched, have a butyl bladder and have quality covers that don't allow water to enter into the ball.


Select Lazio Training Soccer Ball

The Select Lazio training ball is on this list for 1 reason only. Selects mid-high range balls offer great quality but this one is all about the price. I have no doubt that training with this ball will carry over to proper match situations. It may even feel amazing to train with, it looks like a good ball however the quality is questionable.

My main concern is the stitching. It should withstand any 8 year old kicking the ball, however I have to question the longevity of the ball.

It's no doubt that this ball is great for the price, though I imagine It's not a long term option and you'll get what you pay for in the long run.


Which Size 3 Soccer Ball to choose?

You cannot go wrong with any of the suggestions on this list. All of these soccer balls will endure daily use from 8 year olds, as long as they're not smashing the ball off of hard surfaces or playing with them in the sea or swimming pool.

I would avoid the Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Ball unless your child has difficulty kicking a normal size 3 ball. However the rest are definitely the best size 3 soccer balls on the market right now.
If you're not satisfied with these suggestions and are going to look elsewhere, I believe that sticking to the main brands of ball will prove best. Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro and even New Balance are all trusted brands that provide soccer balls of good quality.

My favourite has to be the Puma Powercamp. It's such a high quality ball for its price and I also think the design is nice and minimalist. The fact it's associated and used in many academies & collleges is a huge plus.
It's always nice to get a replica ball, especially if it's a once every 4 year event like the world cup.
Hopefully your mind is set and you now know which ball you're going to buy. It's an amazing feeling as a kid when you receive a brand new, quality ball off of a friend or family member.
If you know of any other quality balls that should be added to this list make sure to tell me below in the comments.

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